Gaberlunzie and Friends in Concert (double disc)

(Available on CD only)


  1. Wark O' The Weavers
  2. Trooper And The Maid
  3. Manura Manya
  4. Two Butchers
  5. Loch Leven's Land
  6. Catch Me
  7. I'm A Believer
  8. Learning The Game
  9. City Of New Orleans
  10. Killiecrankie
  11. Rolling Hills Of The Border
  12. North Of The Border

DISK TWO (Featuring Sarah Menzies and Andy Philip)

  1. JIgs (Andrew Rankine)
  2. Bluebell Polka
  3. Bourrasque
  4. Gaipit Wifey
  5. Reels (Bobby McLeod)
  6. The Shearin's No For You
  7. Country Roads
  8. Continental Polka
  9. The Dark Island
  10. Hornpipes And Reels
  11. The Bat

Disc One

1 The Wark o’ the Weavers. This is the original song with a new arrangement by Gaberlunzie and nothing to do with wellies.2 The Trooper and the Maid. Trad. Love at first sight, leave at first light.3 Manura Manya. By Matt McGinn. This song inspired Jimmy the Scaffy to pursue his chosen career.4 The Two Butchers. Trad. Chivalry, trust and betrayal. Murder most foul. 5 Loch Leven’s Land. Old tune “Lowlands Low” with new local words by Gordon Menzies. 6 Catch Me. A wee bluesy number. Words and music Gordon Menzies. 7 I’m a Believer. Words and music by Niel Diamond. Robin has given the song a new and meaningful approach. 8 Learning The Game - is a Buddy Holly song. Buddy only wrote the first verse and chorus before his fatal plane crash. The additional words are by lifelong Buddy fan David Hill from Dunoon. 9 City of New Orleans. is a song written by Steve Goodman describing a train ride from Chicago to New Orleans on the Illinois Central Railroad. It was made famous by Arlo Guthrie. 10 Killiecrankie. We recorded this song on our very first album in 1969 when Jimmy Macdonald was with us. The song is connected with Robert Burns who collected part of it and wrote the rest. 11 Rolling Hills of the Borders. A great song by our old pal Matt McGinn. 12 North of the Border. Words and music by Gordon Menzies. A comment upon the historical reasons for the condition Scotland finds itself in today with a word of caution to all those politically elected.

Disc Two

1 Jigs “The Weaver and his Wife”, “The Cornerhouse Jig”, “Donald Iain Rankine” all. composed by Andrew Rankine. 2. The Bluebell Polka by F Stanley. 3 Bourrasque or windy by Michel Peguri. 4 Two Step, The Graipit Wife by John Bone.5 Reels “General Election” (Bobby MacLeod), “Miss Jane of Violet Bank” (Max Houliston), “Jeans Reel”(Bobby Macleod).6 The Shearin’s No’ For You. . Sarah Menzies vocal with the band. Trad. 7 Country Roads. by John Denver Sarah Menzies vocal with the band. 8 Continental Polka. Dantesque. by C. Morbidelli. 9 The Dark Island. by Iain MacLachlan. 10 Hornpipes and Reels. “Harvest Home”(trad ), “The New High Level”(Rankine/Whinham ), “The High Level”(James Hill)11 The Bat. Gordon Menzies with the band. Gordon’s tribute to Batman. Storyline “Dark Knight Rising”

Tracks 1-5 and 8-10 Andy Philip on accordion.

Recorded at Milnathort Town Hall for Kelvin Records ©2013.