Gaberlunzie In Glenfarg

(Available on CD and DVD )

  1. Ye Jacobites By Name
  2. Three Nights And A Sunday
  3. Lads Of The Fair
  4. Old Adam Set 6/8 Marches
  5. Thirteen Fourteen
  6. MacPherson’s Rant
  7. Mary Ellen Carter
  8. Banks O’ The Tay
  9. Tha Mi Sgith Set
  10. Then He Kicked Me
  11. Medley (Black Velvet Band, Wild Rover,
    Flower Of Scotland, Scots Wha Hae)

The concert was recorded live in the Glenfarg Hotel on Burns night 25th of January 2003. Our thanks go to the owners and all the staff at the hotel who helped to make the recording a success. Many thanks to our audience for their enthusiasm with a special mention for The Arbroath Contingent, Issy, and Hoochin’ Henry for vocal support.