Independent Scots

(Available on CD only

  1. Scots Independent (Menzies)
  2. Roses Of Prince Charlie/Lion On The Gold (Williamson/Menzies)
  3. Wee Magic Stane
  4. Scotland Will Rise (Duncan/Watson)
  5. Parcel Of Rogues (Burns)
  6. Brig O Stirling (Menzies)
  7. Is A Dove A Doo (Douglas)
  8. Fiery Cross (Menzies)
  9. Caddam Wood Medley (Trad)
  10. The Weavers (Duncan/Watson)
  11. A Man's A Man (Burns)
  12. The 1320 Declaration (Menzies)
  13. Schiehallion (Menzies)
  14. Freedom's Sword (Menzies)
  15. Flower Of Scotland (Williamson)
  16. Scots Wha Ha'e (Burns)