(',Gæbor'lanzi-'lun;nji) n. Scot.archaic or literary. a wandering beggar. Also called:gaberlunzie-man. [C16: variant of earlier gaberlungy]
Collins English Dictionary

(Gab-ar-lün'i, -yi, later -lun'zi) (Scot.), n. a beggar's pouch: a strolling beggar, orig. a bluegown (one of a former class of licensed beggars in Scotland).
Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary

By all accounts a gaberlunzie was a travelling singer and storyteller. His arrival was appreciated in the small communities he visited because he brought news of the outside world, often in the form of long ballad tales and songs.
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A quiet rural village situated in Perthshire, Scotland, UK. It is about 15 miles from Milnathort
Jimmy the scaffie
A mythical character who resides in Milnathort.
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A mostly quiet rural village in the county of Kinross, Scotland, UK. Situated halfway between Edinburgh and Perth, it is the home of the internationally acclaimed Crackin' Ceilidh Weekend, a folk music festival run by local musicians.
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Ronnie Reid
Ronnie started his musical career playing bass guitar in many Scottish blues rock bands. He has progressed to vocalist/guitarist in his own folk rock band which also includes his partner Kirsty Macrae a talented vocalist.
He features on many Gabs albums.
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A Scots slang word for a street sweeper.
(Cleansing Operative)
John Watt
A poet of high renown who resides in Milnathort. He has written many learned treatises including I Hate Dundee, Buffalo Bill and Kelty Clippie
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