Rolling Home

(Available on CD only

  1. Road To The Isles(Trad)
  2. Park Bar Song (Menzies)
  3. Hickory Wind (Parsons/Buchanan)
  4. Cape Breton Waltz (Trad) Sarah Menzies (Menzies/Leask)
  5. Katie (Menzies)
  6. 1320 (Menzies)
  7. Coulter's Candy (Trad)
  8. Back Of The North Wind (Brian McNeil)
  9. Medley (Gow, McNeil, Trad)
  10. Nut Brown Maiden (Trad)
  11. Wintergreen (Rob Griffiths)
  12. The Moon (Anon)
  13. Rolling Home (Trad)
  14. Will Ye No Come Back Again (Trad/Nairn)

Produced by RW