Scotland Again

(Available on CD)

  1. Scotland Tomorrow (Menzies)
  2. Massacre Of Glencoe (MacLean)
  3. Glasgow Dan (Menzies)
  4. Edmonton Scottish (Menzies/Watson)
  5. Gypsy Rover (Trad)
  6. Follow The Blackbird (Menzies)
  7. Morning Song
  8. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Bogle)
  9. Happy Hooligans (Menzies)
  10. Glenfarg Bull (Menzies/Watson/Melville)
  11. Scotland Again (Barry/Mason)

Scotland Tomorrow A song for Scotland. Past, present and future. Massacre of Glencoe Jim MacLean's song about the massacre of the clan MacDonald by the Campbells in 1692. Listening to this song you have the feeling of sadness and gloom that you would feel walking in Glencoe in present times.Glasgow Dan Dan played his melodeon and sang his songs all over the country.Edmonton Scottish To the many Gaberlunzie friends at home and abroad, with whom they have enjoyed many a ceilidh.Gypsy Rover One of their favourite numbers and most requested songs. Follow the Blackbird Charles Edward Stuart alias 'The Blackbird' or 'Bonny Prince Charlie'. About Charlie and his many followers. Morning Song 'To every little baby born today, I will give my morning song away'. And the Band played Waltzmg Matilda This powerful song by Eric Bogle tells the story of the Australians and New Zealand troops who suffered great losses at the hands of the Turks at Gallipoli and Suvla during the 1914-18 'Great War'. Happy Hooligans Scotland's International Football supporters are the finest support in the world. Glenfarg Bull To all bulls, farmers and folk everywhere, 'if the cap fits'. Scotland Again A song written by H. Barry to a tune by A. Mason (of Fiddlers Rally fame) first released as a single by Gaberlunzie and now being recorded by many of Scotland's top artists, 'an anthem for Scotland'.

Backing Vocals By kind permission of Holyrood School
Produced and Engineered by Peter Shipton
Recorded at Radio Clyde