Scots Wha Ha'e

(Available on CD only)

  1. Mingulay Boat Song (Trad)
  2. Jock O' Hazeldean (Nairn)
  3. Elly Mae (Heard)
  4. Misty Mountain Lady (Menzies)
  5. Wild Mountain Thyme (Trad)
  6. Flower Of Scotland (Williamson)
  7. Muirsheen Durkin (Trad) / Where Is The Man (Trad) /McAlpine's Fusileers (Behan) / Mason's Apron (Trad)
  8. Greenfields Of Orwell (Menzies)
  9. Leonora (Menzies)
  10. The Deep Waters (Watson)
  11. Banish Misfortune (Trad)
  12. Scots Wha Ha'e (Burns)

The collection of songs on this album contains many old favourites for which we have often been requested. Songs such as Mingulay Boat Song, Jock o' Hazeldean and Wild Mountain Thyme will live forever. Other songs which speak for themselves are Scots Wha Hae and Flower of Scotland. We have also included a number of our new songs. Many thanks to the good folk of Forfar who are very much part of this record, which was made at Forfar Leisure Centre. A special mention to our bass guitarist, Jim Stirling; to Dominic Behan for McAlpines Fusiliers; to Hugh Jordan and to Craven for excellent support work; and to Alastair Campbell engineer extraordinary.

Recorded Live at Forfar Leisure Centre
Engineer: Alastair Campbell.
Produced by RW