Shire Of Kinross

(Available on CD only

  1. Shire O' Kinross
  2. Burleigh Sands
  3. First Orra Loon
  4. Misty Mountain Lady
  5. Killiecrankie
  6. Pheasant Cock / Humours Of Cleish
  7. The Teuchat Storm
  8. Sang O' The Saw
  9. Kelty Clippie
  10. High Road To Duncrievie
  11. The Auld Man O' Benarty
  12. The Toon O' Milnathort
  13. Follow The Ploo
  14. Green Fields Of Orwell
  15. The Glenfarg Bull
  16. Mhairi
  17. Leaving Lochgelly
  18. The Bell
  19. The Old Balgedie Road

Shire O Kinross Kinross -shire is glorious there's nane that can deny. Burleigh Sands Courtin' and dookin by the Burleigh Sands First Orra Loon Dedicated to Mrs. Ramage Dawson and, Jimmy Lawson & Sandy Wood Misty Mountain Lady Written on the slopes of Schiehallion on a dreich day. Killiecrankie ** (Robert Burns) Where I first saw light of day. Pheasant Cock /Humours Of Cleish Mum gave me two verses and I provided the third. The instrumental was written and recorded at Robin's house at Cockcairnie, near Cleish. The Teuchat Storm For the bothy lads who moved on at Term time to pastures new. Sang O' The Saw Drew Simpson loaned us his amplifiers for the Rover Scout Dances and his brothers Rab, Ned and Davie taught me how to work in the forest. Keltie Clippie From the romantic interludes of our good buddy John Watt. High Road To Duncrievie One of my first songs, and one that I sent to fellow Rover Sandy MacCalman when he was exiled in Canada. Just to make him homesick. The Auld Man O' Benarty This is a true story. The Toon O' Milnathort This is the way it was in our primary school days. Follow The Ploo Both my grandfathers and my father ploughed with horses but times had moved on when it came my turn. Green Fields Of Orwell I think I was feeling a wee bit homesick when I wrote this song.The Glenfarg Bull (With Robin Watson and Tommy Melville) If the cap fits. Mhairi Perthshire legend. Story from my mother Nancy. Leaving Lochgelly For the three Willies. Law, Raeburn and Moore. The Bell We missed out the verse about the Jooly Fair. Words available on demand. The Old Balgedie Road A song for families and friends getting together for Christmas or Ne'erday.

Recorded at the Haven Studios for Kelvin Records 2010.