Summer Storms

(Available on CD)

  1. Summer Storms (Duncan/Watson)
  2. He Was Dancing (Duncan/Watson)
  3. Icarus (Duncan/Watson)
  4. Don't Stop The Music (Duncan/Watson)
  5. Red August (Duncan/Watson)
  6. Shadows (Duncan/Watson)
  7. Love That's Growing (Duncan/Watson)
  8. Techno Trap (Duncan/Watson)
  9. You'll Find Your Way (Duncan/Watson)
  10. Digging His Garden (Duncan/Watson)
  11. The Iceman (Duncan/Watson)
  12. Scattered Leaves (Duncan/Watson)

In a way this album was born in some kind of storm, but it goes back further than that. Perhaps right back to "Alistair, have you got a tape recorder?" From our first record and the beginnings of Gaberlunzie with Gordon and Jimmy, through many recording sessions, the desire has been with me to make an album reflecting my personal preferences. A record which would develop from my folk roots into various musical styles. With help of many friends, long nights, winking lights, whizzing reels, and many happenings it is. He was dancing like he didn't have a care...RW

Produced by RW