The Travelling Man

(Available on CD only)

  1. Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie (Trad)
  2. Air Falalalo (Trad)
  3. Pear Tree (Trad)
  4. Blind Angus Of The Hill (Menzies)
  5. Follow The Ploo (Menzies)
  6. Sam The Skull (Hagen)
  7. Long Distance Travelling Man (Menzies)
  8. Burghead Sands (Menzies)
  9. Donnie MacPhail (Menzies)
  10. Twa Recruiting Sgts (Trad)
  11. Hercules The Bear (Menzies)
  12. Broom O' The Cowdenknowes (Trad)
  13. Scotland Owns Me (Menzies)
  14. The Exile (MacGregor/Menzies)
Produced by Pete Shipton