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  1. Sound The Pibroch (Trad arr)
  2. Mary Mac (Trad arr)
  3. Ca' The Yowes (Burns)
  4. Sang O' The Saw (Menzies)
  5. The Piper O' Dundee (Trad arr)
  6. Ae Fond Kiss (Burns)
  7. Terebus Set (Trad arr)
  8. The Banks Of The Somme (Menzies)
  9. Mailbox Blues (Friel)
  10. Leezie Lindsay (Trad arr)
  11. Shire O' Kinross (Menzies)
  12. Wanderlust (Menzies)

Sound the Pibroch: Charles Edward Stuart's rallying of the Highland Clans in support of his Father's claim to the British Throne, went sadly wrong after his army turned around at Derby and headed homewards to suffer defeat at Culloden in April 1746. Mary Mack: We learned this old Music Hall song from our good friend Iain Mackintosh many, many years ago. Ca' The Yowes: Most volumes of Burns' work carry two versions of Ca' The Yowes, the version that he collected and amended, and this, his very own. The superbe lyrics explain why Robin so much enjoys singing the Bard's love songs. Sang O' The Saw: The Simpson brothers, friends of Gordon, taught him the wiles of many a thing including the woods. Drew. the eldest, had a dance band and often lent Gordon his PA system for the Rover Dances in the Milnathort Scout and Guide Hall. The Piper O' Dundee: A song we both learned at primary school, and probably our fi rst introduction to the double standards and secrecy of politics. Good song, though. Ae Fond Kiss: Robert Burns was master of the Love Song, and Ae Fond Kiss is one of his best. It was written in 1791 as a parting song for his beloved Clarinda before she set sail for Jamaica. Terebus Set: A couple of pipe tunes adapted for mandoline and guitar. The Banks of the Somme: Gordon wrote the lyrics to this old pipe tune after reading a book about the Great War. A chapter about the Battle of the Somme highlighted the stupidity of the Generals who sacrifi ced thousands of British soldiers to the German machine guns and achieved nothing. 59,000 British casualties on the fi rst day of the long drawn out battle. Mailbox Blues: First recorded on the aptly named album "Half Cut in the Highlands" A completely different recording of the Brian Friel song. Leezie Lindsay: We were both surprised to learn that we had never previously recorded this song. Omission rectifi ed forthwith. Shire O' Kinross: Kinross shire is glorious thereís nane that can deny. Gordonís tribute to the Shire that formatted him. Wanderlust: Travelling is as much a way of life to Folk Musicians as it is to the traditional Traveller Families.GM.

Recorded at the Haven Studios ©2007.